31/01/2015 | Interview Magazine - 10 picks from the Outsider Art Fair 2015

In its 23rd year in New York, the Outsider Art Fair is larger than ever with over 50 galleries from dozens of international cities. Always promising a dizzying assortment of artworks, the fair delivers the most interesting and notable work from artists on the fringe or separate from the networks of arts schools, residencies, patronage, and sales-driven forces that make up the art world today. Freed from such constraints, works are without pretense or precedent–but they're rarely without a great story.

Brazilian artist Cícero Alves dos Santos, professionally referred to as Véio, is known for his brightly colored wooden works. Varying widely in size and shape, the forms come from found branches and sticks that Véio modifies only slightly, if at all. The bright, unnatural colors he uses led curator Rodrigo Naves to dub his style "pop nature."

Galeria Estação