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Exhibition Catalogue: Véio | Sculptures | 11/05/2010

Exhibition Catalogue: Véio | Sculptures
(Code: 11/5/2010)
The Estação Art Gallery and the Institute of the Imagination of the Brazilian People (IIPB) started the year of 2010 continuing with their main target, which is that of showing the work of the most important Brazilian artists. This year we have a partnership with the Karandash Gallery in Maceió, commanded by Maria Amélia Vieira and Dalton Costa, great enthusiasts in the work of several local artists, and responsible for the publication thereof in national territory. These are artists who, without erudition but counting on the strength of their work, show that art is art, without any prejudice or distinction. They have become established on the market just through the rigour and quality of artistic acts of doing. Slowly, the difference between art and handicrafts becomes clear. The fact that both have been put in the same basket for many years has delayed the recognition of these artists, from within our own people – the Brazilian people. Last year we have shown, for the first time in São Paulo in an individual exhibition, the pernambucano sculptor José Bezerra and the mineira ceramist Izabel Mendes da Cunha, as well as the deceased and internationally acclaimed José Antonio da Silva, a painter from São Paulo. All of these were praised by the media and also by the public in São Paulo. The first exhibition of this new year that now starts is that of the sergipano sculptor, from the city of Nossa Senhora da Glória, Cícero Alves dos Santos, better known as Véio. I have been following his work for several years now, with growing enthusiasm. I went over to get to know him personally and also to make an official invitation for the exhibition to be shown in November 2009. I was accompanied by the curator Paulo Monteiro, a plastic artist, and also by photographer and plastic artist Germana Monte-Mór. It was one day that added a lot of artistic and human experience for all of us. A sensitive man, suspicious at times, Véio came to show us his art and way of life. Living in the Brazilian backlands or sertão, in a very small town, his citizen spirit led him to establish a “museum” with old objects and artefacts, all of which coming from the sertanejo way of getting things done and which, in his view, are not being used. These are gadgets for the plough, oxcarts, musical instruments and barber’s instruments. This is a variety of objects that, when brought together, reconstruct what life was like in the region. Apart from the objects, the artist keeps the memory of the city through some historical documents collected at the local registry office and also photographs of important public figures, including mayors, councillors and other illustrious people. Véio is a unique person and this shows both directly and indirectly in his incomparable work! There is the exhibition. We have put it together with enthusiasm and happiness, hoping to transmit these and many other emotions.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação