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Exhibition Catalogue: Brazilian Art: Beyond the System | 08/11/2010

When Paulo Sérgio Duarte, invited to be the curator of an exhibition at the Estação Art Gallery, suggested this title and also selected the artists, I started to think about what could come of this. Aberaldo, Alcides, Chico Tabibuia, Elizabeth Jobim, Fernanda Junqueira, Fernando da Ilha do Ferra, Gabriela Machado, Germana Monte-Mór, José Bezerra, Manoel Graciano, Nuno Ramos, Samico, Tunga and Véio: creative artists who in common have the high quality of their artistic works. Our work as directors of the gallery seek to show exactly that: art is art, and that’s that. The text by Paulo Sérgio gives us grounds so that, more and more, we can reinforce what we have applied. What is good coexists, and there is no kind of prejudice that can destroy this logic. It is like this, amid plentiful happiness, that we present yet another exhibition. We feel that our work, always challenging, has conquered a greater number of followers and these, as well as those who have always been interested in popular art, have been important multipliers of this undeniable truth. We hope that this exhibition, put together on purpose considering the time of the São Paulo Biennial Exhibition, brings a curious public, people who are alert and, first and foremost, who seek poetry in art.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação