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Women in folk art | 26/03/2020

Women in folk art

The subject is on the world agenda.
In Brazil, Europe, in the United States and Asia, over the last few years, everyone has decided to give women a voice. In literature, in music, in the visual arts, this is just to talk about the areas that encompass culture. They even came to me asking for a thematic exhibition.
I could, in this small introductory text of our exhibition in honor of female non-erudite artists, exemplify, with a large number of names in our museological institutions – from the Pinacoteca do Estado to Estação Pinacoteca, MASP, MAM and MAC –, the women, known or not, that were shown by these institutions.
I came to question myself, never aloud, about what would be happening to everyone. Quality versus gender?
I was convinced, with the number of exhibitions with this theme and about female artists that I saw over the last few years, that this was due research.
I was very touched by exhibitions I’ve seen. Women’s works far ahead of their time.
I hope you will also see and be touched by the ones we show you here. Some are better known than others, but each one has a sensitive and profoundly beautiful work.
When I invited a woman, Fernanda Pitta, to write the introduction text for the exhibition, I bet on yet another intelligent and restless person of our kind.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação