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Dan Coopey | Sunday | 09/11/2019

Dan Coopey

Before I met Dan I encountered his work. It was at an art fair and immediately one of his works moved me – so much so that I bought it. It was a set of three vertical baskets. Each of them, when rattled, made a special and distinct sound. A little box of surprises. I love it so much I put it in my house. I live with it daily and it always emanates a freshness that delights me. I talk to it and it communicates with the other works in my collection.
Not only that, I identify personally with Dan through the similarity of his production and what I develop at the Gallery. This inspired me to invite Dan, who I met through João Azinheiro, to an exhibition at Galeria Estação. There is a “basketry” of organic forms, all braided by himself which dialogues with the work of some indigenous tribes and is of a unique sophistication. Matchboxes and antique pencils are other familiar items Dan uses to transform simple objects into works of art with creative and playful genius.
Dan is English by nationality but in love with Brazil. I can understand his identification with our country. With joy, we engage with him and his work affectionately and professionally.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It was love at first sight.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação