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Julio Villano | By a thread | 15/06/2019

Júlio Villani

I met Julio in Paris, but I confess I do not remember in what year.
While visiting his studio I came across his beautiful geometric paintings and his brilliant pictures. But all of a sudden I saw some birds floating in the room hanging from strings. They were a ladle and a kitchen skimmer, common household objects that, hanging from the ceiling and carrying small wings, gave this fun and playful effect.
I was amazed and felt right away that Galeria Estação needed to show that work in Brazil.
We have since been to several fairs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, always with great success!
Now, in partnership with the Raquel Arnaud Gallery, which also today, June 15, 2019, opens an exhibition of Julio’s paintings, we open ours of objects.
Julio's work helps us return to our own childhood.
Such delicious nostalgia!
Shall we have fun?

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação