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Santídio Pereira | A Look of Memory | 23/08/2018

Santidio Pereira
Two years ago, in December 2016, the young Santidio opened his first exhibition at Galeria Estação, curated by Rodrigo Naves.
He was twenty years old and following in the footsteps of his teacher, the woodcutter Fabrício Lopes, coordinator of the Ateliê de Artes at Instituto Acaia, a non-profit educational institution in the city of São Paulo where Santidio was trained. This first moment showed us that an artist was born there and that his next steps should be followed with attention.
The show was a selling success, from the public and from the media.
Dedicated, serious and focused, Santidio interacts naturally in the so-called cultural world, which leads us to think that he was born an artist. He constantly takes new courses, shows interest in other areas, including cinema. He has a world of opportunities ahead of him. His youth, a point to his favor, does not intimidate him. He participates in collective exhibitions, enters public bids, and searches the trail of experience that will lead to success.
Recently, he was selected by a jury of curators of recognized excellence for an exhibition at Centro Cultural São Paulo, where he was the star. By 2019 he has already secured a residence followed by an exhibition in New York.
For this show an unprecedented fact has happened at Galeria Estação. Our friends from the law firm Gusmão & Labrunie, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, contacted us. They asked us if they could sponsor one of our exhibitions of 2018.
When they came upon Santidio’s work and found out about his history, they had no doubt it was exactly what they intended. To encourage a beginning career that already showed the force of continuity.
To our friends, thank you. To Santídio I wish you to continue with all the strength that your talent and your youth allow.
Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação