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Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias | The Power of the Stroke | 05/04/2018

In 2015, I had the pleasure of having the first exhibition of Teodoro Dias, at already 60 years of age. Germana had shown me pictures of his work and my enthusiasm had been immediate. I decided to show it and invited Rodrigo Naves to curate it.
I have a special joy in exposing a work to the public for the first time. Maybe it's the bliss of seeing and believing. The fact is that the exhibition was a success: an article published in Caderno 2 in the Estadão newspaper by Antonio Gonçalves Filho, mentions in several other vehicles and, mainly, the viewers success. Sales were surprising, and even those who did not know him, believed in his work. Some believe in fate, others do not. Some believe in witches, whatever. The fact is that the unfolding of this first moment was a very happy one.
I was visited in the gallery one day by Flavio Cohn to talk about a work I had bought from Dan Gallery. He saw Teo's work and was amazed. Immediately he realized the aesthetic quality, and was stunned by the good taste in the use of colors. We started talking about the artist. It occurred to me then to open the possibility of Teo being represented by Dan Gallery, undoubtedly a jump in his career. After a few long conversations and a trip to Poços de Caldas to meet the artist, here we are in this happy partnership. The second exhibition, with a text by José Bento, new works, new moment, and an invitation from Dan Gallery and Galeria Estação.
For us from Galeria Estação, all this is cause for great pride. We are so enthusiastic about working with Teo that we feel rewarded. For him, in turn, begins a new stage, which includes international art fairs.
To our dear friend we wish all success and all the best, and we thank you for the trust in our team. Teo, enjoy your moment.
Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação