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Dani Tranchesi: Lucent Box | 06/02/2018

Dani Tranchesi
Here is someone we need to know.
As I write this presentation text, comfortably seated at my desk, she is climbing Mount Everest. This is Dani Tranchesi, passionate about life, new experiences, literally throwing herself into the new.
“I like to know new worlds, to look at the other, to discover other cultures, other houses, other looks and gestures. The other’s life is always very interesting and photography captures this essence,” she says.
As I got to know her and her photograph I felt there was a different vital pulse. Perhaps the essence she states in defining herself.
In conversation with Cassio Vasconcellos, my long-time friend, award-winning photographer, I concluded that it was time to show Dani’s pictures. I decided to open the doors of Galeria Estação to the new by inviting her to debut with us by starting the year 2018 with her.
In the curatorship, Cassio is alongside Paula Braga, perhaps the person who better knows Dani’s trajectory.
Let us all go together to this experience, with open eyes and senses.
Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação