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Germana Monte-Mór | Paths of the Imagination | 24/10/2017

I met Germana in 2008. Rodrigo Naves brought her to be the assistant curator of José Bezerra's exhibition. She continues to work at Galeria Estação and has become a partner, counselor and friend.
I have always admired the artists whose works I have in my private collection. For years I had been thinking of putting together a show of Germana’s works, but she had other commitments and it was not the right time.
Now the time has come. Germana is producing a lot new works. She has a new studio. She is working with new fellow artists. In fact, she has begun a new phase. I was with her in the studio a few weeks ago. I wanted to see the works for the exhibition. I was happy to see the rich production, with color, works that capture the Germana of this particular moment in time.
I will not talk further about her work. Besides not being able to do the analysis she deserves, this will be the work of the distinguished curator Rodrigo Naves.
I am proud of this show, which has several meanings for Galeria Estação: affection, openness and recognition of the talent of this dear and great drawer, painter and sculptor. I hope you agree with me and enjoy everything she brings to us.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação