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Véio | Suddenly into the World | 03/06/2017

Since 2009, when Galeria Estação held the first exhibition of this sculptor from Sergipe, curated by Paulo Monteiro, we have only experienced rewarding moments in the career of Cícero Alves dos Santos - Véio.
Paris, London, Venice, Rio de Janeiro were some cities where we have been with him in unforgettable exhibitions.
From 2009 to 2017 - you must think that success came very fast but it is not true. Véio was born talented, as a boy he began to carve and as a young man he already considered himself to be an artist. Not for vanity, but for knowing exactly what he was worth.
I am proud to say that when I first visited him he was ready. If I have any merit that was to see it in him.
After Paulo Monteiro, there were international curators who "saw" his work, and also to mention the beloved Rodrigo Naves, who curated his second exhibition at Galeria Estação. On that same date we released a book edited by Martins Fontes with Rodrigo's authorship.
Do you want to know more?
Ronaldo Brito in Rio de Janeiro certainly drew attention to Véio’s first solo exhibition in the “Wonderful City”, which happened just recently at Gustavo Rebello Arte.
The exhibition that we are opening at Estação is an extension of that of Rio, and Ronaldo Brito also curates it. It is an opportunity to once again show the sculptor who has just been awarded with the Itaú Cultural 30 Year Award - CREATE Category
Opening ceremony and chat with two masters in the fields of art critics and art history: Rodrigo Naves and Ronaldo Brito. Not to be missed!!!
Thank you all, to collectors, artists, institutions and, mainly, to the public of Galeria Estação, which honors us and believes in our work.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação