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Exhibition Catalogue: Photopaintings | 05/05/2011

I have always been fascinated with photopaintings. I still did not know exactly what it was, but when I went on holiday to the home of my paternal grandparents in Sabino, in upstate São Paulo, I was intrigued with that oval photograph, with a sky blue background and golden frame, showing both from a frontal angle. Now, this same photograph is hung at the ranch constructed by my parents, and is now taken care of by my mother Odette, in the city of Santo Antônio do Pinhal. As an adult, I discovered that this portrait was ordered by my family after both had died, based on a 3x4 black and white photograph. When I started my roamings around Brazil, and especially around the Northeast, this was when I often found photographs similar to those portraits, which made my fantasies run wild, imagining under what circumstances these portraits had been made. They were young and old couples, engaged couples, children, whole families, seeking perpetuation through this support. Some were happy, others not so, but the aim was always the same. I met Titus Riedl, the collector of the materials that we can now enjoy in this exhibition, because of another photographer from Crato, Telma Saraiva, who we were pleased to show in2008, in dialogue with the last photographs of Marilyn Monroe as clicked by Bert Stern. The importance of this work is to show part of our history. With the curatorship of photographic clinic Eder Chiodetto, there it is for all to appreciate.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação