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Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias | Exhibition Catalog | 05/08/2015


Being the first art gallery ever to show the works of Teodoro Dias in an individual exhibition is a double pleasure for us. The artist is our friend.He has been working for many years, and his main desire has always been that of creation. However, every artist faces a moment when it gets frustrating not to show his work to the public, locking it up in the studio or, at most, showing the works only to the artist’s closest people. With the maturity of his work, and also encouraged by some of his friends, including Germana Monte-Mór and Rodrigo Naves, Teo finally came out of his den.
Rodrigo, very much excited with his production, is the curator of this first individual exhibition. It was he who brought me the proposal, and I hesitated at the start. Teodoro is not a self-learner, but then neither were Samico and Lorenzato. I now feel that the Galeria Estação art gallery, in its 11th year, is mature enough to show art in all its segments.
After several visits to his studio in Poços de Caldas, the city where Teodoro Dias lives, and also after lengthy conversations, we now come to the long-awaited moment.Enjoy!

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação