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Exhibition Catalogue: Minas Gerais Sculptors | 26/07/2011

Out of the three mineiro sculptors we have shown in this exhibition, namely Artur Pereira, GTO and Jadir João Egídio, only the last is still alive and working. Jadir is from the same location, the city of Divinópolis, as the famous painter Geraldo Telles de Oliveira, better known as GTO. The only one I had the privilege of meeting was Artur Pereira, from Cachoeira do Brumado. It was in a great journey I made in the late 1980s with my partner at the time, my dear friend and master Paulo Vasconcellos, with whom I established my first art gallery. At that moment, we made an important exhibition of Artur, the favourite sculptor of another mineiro sculptor, Amílcar de Castro. As expected, it was a great success! More recently, in 2009 and 2010, the Moreira Salles Institute organised an individual exhibition of the same Artur – an itinerant exhibition under the curatorship of the art critic and professor of History of Art, Rodrigo Naves. I followed the exhibition in some locations, and was able to witness the admiration and also the frustration of the people, who could not buy the pieces on show. This was when I had the idea of showing the three artists in a commercial exhibition, this time under the curatorship of Taísa Palhares, one of the curators of the São Paulo State Pinacothèque. About GTO, I have no idea of how and when his last exhibition occurred. As I am also passionate about his work and have the habit of buying all the best sculptures that come into my hands, I felt the opportunity to show these three artists together would be more than appropriate. Jadir was the subject of an art gallery exhibition in São Paulo in 2010. The works of this great sculptor as shown here are mostly from the 1970s and 1980s, and belonged to important mineira collector Celma de Albuquerque, to whom I am very grateful because, already at that time, she envisaged, collect and disclose the work of these real icons of mineiro popular sculpture.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação