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Exhibition catalog Aurelino | paintings | 21/06/2013

Aurelino: I was introduced to Aurelino’s work in the early 1990s, by Emanoel Araujo. I was impressed and immediately bought a first batch with 25 works. I spent years looking at them and showing them once in a while to people I considered sensitive and that could understand the works, and nothing… no-one showed any reaction. I was very frustrated, even though I was sure of the pictorial and creative quality in his painting. As everything good is one day recognised, I patiently awaited the opportunity, which came when the Institute for the Imagination of the Brazilian People (IIPB) held the exhibition called “Stubbornness of Imagination – Ten Brazilian Artists”, together with the book of the same name and a DVD with documentaries about all the participating artists. Aurelino was the highlight. Together with the exhibition in Brazil, Hervè Chandés, the head of the Cartier Foundation, comes over from Paris, seeking Brazilian artists to hold a major exhibition in the Northern Hemisphere, and here he recognises Aurelino as a talented painter and does not just choose several works of his to take part in the exhibition, but also buys them for the Foundation’s collection. Wow!!!! Who would have thought? From total anonymity, the poor Salvador citizen takes a quantum leap and goes straight to France. In the light of this feat, it was only natural that also on these shores the works of Aurelino would start to be admired, and this is what happened. I met Rodrigo Castro, an important collector of contemporary art, who also collected Aurelino’s works, and who agreed to loan some works for the exhibition. To him I express my special thanks. All that was still needed was the curator. When we called over Lorenzo Mammì, he did not know about Aurelino’s paintings. Immediately he read the wealth of signs and symbols, and agreed to join us on this long and, for us, pleasant trip. May you also enjoy it.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação