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Catalogue exhibition José Bezerra | Sculptures - Gallery Station | 23/03/2009

My history with José Bezerra started when I saw a photograph of his farm house, in the Catimbau Valley, a place where he works and lives with his family. Immediately I felt that I had to meet them. The picture showed a man with a gourd on his head, being used as a hat, and also a checked sleeveless vest with wooden buttons and also some “ropes” sewn in, as adornments – from the buttons to the ropes, he had produced everything, I later found out. He was sitting in front of a wattle and daub house with incrusted stones that formed drawings. Right beside, a large land area, a real open-air museum, full of tree trunks and branches which had been turned into sculptures. All this had an enormous impact on me. I was decided and, no matter how much my pernambucano friends had warned me about the distance and the difficulty in access, especially during the rainy season which made the place almost inaccessible, I rented a taxi and off I went. I shall always remember our first meeting. After this visit, only two years ago, I had been in the Catimbau Valley several other times with Cátia Avellar who, also taken by enthusiasm, embarked with me on this venture, starting to accompany the work of this artist on a regular basis. On all occasions, there was an impressive diversity and quantity of sculptures. The photo that I had seen was absolutely truthful: a magical place, a unique man, an extraordinary artist. I was so impressed, and so bowled over, that to show his work in São Paulo, at Art Madrid and wherever else possible has become another mission for the Institute of the Imagination of the Brazilian People – IIPB. The result is there. Simple, direct, valuable and important, just like José Bezerra himself is. Make the most of it!

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação