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Exhibition catalog Transcursos | Aline van Langendonck | 13/11/2012

The Acaia Studio is pleased to present the works by resident artist Aline van Langendonck who, during 2012, was present, carrying out her work in a cordial and emphatic manner, following several procedures such as video, carpentry, engraving, drawing and sewing. The production this developed was outside the workshops and promoted possible encounters, such as her participation in a cycle of mathematics classes. The work of an artist normally takes shape in his or her own intestines, and sometimes finds luminous references in the work of other artists. One step outside this procedure could mean a long route to uncertain destinations and the generosity of this act has its costs and gains. Making the path towards creation available to others is also an act of being inundated by a close yet unknown world, and the Acaia Studio seeks to provide its students with this quality of experience. The constructive procedure of the artist, the experience of moving away from immediate practice of needs, has been experienced by different people who now construct themselves with more dreams. During her residence period, Aline did her work and divided her act of doing. With the residence programme, the Acaia Studio seeks to encourage the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge among artists, children and young people who regularly take part in the workshop activities.

Elisa Bracher, Director

Galeria Estação