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Exhibition Catalogue: A Gift-Wrapped World | Júlio Martins | 13/11/2012

Exhibition Catalogue: A Gift-Wrapped World | Júlio Martins
(Code: 13/11/2012)
I start writing this text about Júlio Martins da Silva thinking: are we living a period of regression? Let me explain. Virtually unknown to the artistic community in general, born at the end of the 19th Century, Silva – who tells us is Lélia Coelho Frota in her Small Dictionary of the Art of the Brazilian People – has had several individual exhibitions in art galleries in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (also in the Paulo Vasconcellos Gallery in 1989, while I was one of the partners); at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Rio de Janeiro in 1975; at the Biennial Exhibition at Venice in 1978; and has also had an individual exhibition in Washington in 1984. His work is in the collections of national museums and has also been mentioned in international publications… I was almost out of breath, and I imagine you were too. With such an impressive curriculum, and this history of artistic life, how could he be practically unknown, as I mentioned at the start? Once again, our work leading the Estação Art Gallery comes to register and show, with pride, the work of a man of the people, of humble origins and simple life, who has left us an artistic heritage of delicateness and sensitivity, a different world from the one we live in, for sure. On contemplating his paintings, we start smiling and wish to spend a lot of time in front of them, discovering subtleties and happy moments which, we imagine, are contained in those landscapes and those characters. Paulo Pasta, a great painter, has for times been trying to convince me to hold this exhibition. Those who know me know how jealous I am about the collection I have managed to collect over the years. Julio is one of these cases. Showing them and not putting them up for sale would not be generous. Similarly, leaving people with their mouths watering is not a “politically correct” attitude (this term is horrible…) In addition, I really think it was time we went back in time a bit and asked ourselves: why is an artist of this magnitude (participation in the Biennial Exhibition in Venice!!!) not remembered on the national artistic scene?

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação