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Seven Mistakes Game | Ranchinho and Rodrigo Andrade | 30/08/2012

In the late 1980s, at the Paulo Vasconcellos Art Gallery, Paulo and I, who were partners at the time, carried out an individual exhibition of painter Sebastião Theodoro Paulino da Silva, better known as Ranchinho. He was still alive then, and we brought him to the opening. I was impressed seeing that frail, anxious and restless man, who had mental problems since infancy, completely transformed when he had any drawing materials in his hands. He would concentrate, calm down and keep quiet. He was another person. The exhibition was a success. The exhibits were beautiful! The artist’s talent was imperative. Now, after so many years, we have managed to gather some of his works for an individual exhibition. Germana Monte-Mór suggested we called Rodrigo Andrade, a contemporary artist who in the 1980s was part of the Casa 7 group, to show his works together with those of Ranchinho. There is something in the work of both these artists that brings them together, and it was thinking about this that we called Rodrigo. Really bold! We did not know how he would react. As soon as we showed Ranchinho’s work to Rodrigo, he, amid great enthusiasm, was even bolder. He proposed a series of painting reinterpreting the works of the non-erudite artist who hailed from Assis, in the interior of São Paulo State. Rodrigo Andrade and Ranchinho, side by side! Rodrigo is an erudite artist who studied in Brazil, in Scotland and in France. He knows about painting techniques, and is creative, sensitive and courageous. He well knows that Ranchinho and himself are very different, but this did not prevent him from getting emotional and also recognising the quality of the work of the self-learning colleague who, despite so many adversities, has left us a wonderful artistic heritage! These are the approximations, the dialogues, which allow us to show that art has no frontiers, and should not find barriers either. This is essential, and I hope this is the criterion that dominates us when faced with works of art. Special thanks go out to the Millan Gallery, where Rodrigo is an artist; he immediately agreed with the project. I hope that, when looking at the results of this courage, we can all open our hearts and mind to see that, as they say, there are only two types of art: the good and the bad.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação