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Exhibition Catalogue: I was Born Wrong and Am Right | José Antônio da | 24/09/2009

The work of this extraordinary painter was the starting point for my passion for popular art, and also for spontaneous art. In the 1980s, I went to meet him. He lived in Cambuci, in an apartment whose walls were filled with his paintings. Without any modesty at all, he would receive visitors saying that he considered himself to be a great artist: in his opinion, Picasso, Van Gogh and himself were the best painters in the world… Everything was very authentic and true, and at the same time funny, as he was a born storyteller and knew that his work was really good. He had been recognised and his career was successful. I started to visit him once in a while, and would always come away from his home with a painting under my arm. It was true enchantment! When we met, Maria Eugênia and I immediately realised that we had the same dreams, the same ideals. “I always wanted to open up my collection of Silva’s works, born out of my love for the simple life of the rural part of São Paulo, to a greater public, especially children, lacking this experience and this knowledge”, said Maria Eugênia, that also called attention to the need to preserve memories of life in the fields. She was joined by her son Álvaro, a collector of vases, a subject that the artist started to show at a certain point of life, after which he never stopped. Generously, they made their collections available for this exhibition, without any commercial gain, apart from the means necessary to hold the exhibition. Paulo Pasta agreed to be the curator, which made me very happy! This is a contemporary artist with an established career, and who knows a lot about painting. For the educational project, nothing usual in art galleries, the contemporary plastic artist Cláudio Cretti also came to bring his proven experience in this area to the team. To close the group of contemporary artists interested in spontaneous artistic production, Germana Monte-Mór made the layout and graphic production of the whole of the exhibition materials. Thus, the Institution of the Imagination of the Brazilian People (IIPB) continues, step by step, to carry out its mission, established when it was created: that of disclosing the art and the culture of the Brazilian people.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação