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Exhibition Catalogue: Samico | Woodcuttings | 22/06/2012

In 2004, the São Paulo State Pinacothèque had a major and important exhibition of the works of Gilvan Samico. Aside from beautiful woodcuttings, several frames were also shown, to our delight, each one being a true sculpture of its own. Marcelo Araújo, who was already the museum director, called me asking how I felt about having a meeting in my home to honour Samico, Celida (dear Celida, wife for over 500 metres…), his family and some friends; Imagine asking this to me? Those who know me know that I’m the party type, and also the happiness I feel when I open my home to welcome my friends. This was a great night of meetings, reunions and liaisons. Moments we never forget. In January 2012, a friend gave me a still-unlaunched book, Samico. What a surprise! What a great surprise!” I had never even heard that this work was being carried out and later, talking to the author Weydson Leal, I knew that he had been working on it for six long years. A beautiful book published by Editora Bem-Te-Vi, worthy of the artist’s work. I immediately called Samico, who I had not spoken to for some time. I congratulated him, and immediately invited him to have an exhibition and, on the same day, launch the book in São Paulo. In the beginning, he didn’t really take to the idea. “Oh Vilma dear, you know I don’t really like this exposure stuff”. I rebutted straight away: “So we are going to commemorate life and also this beautiful book”. I think I got it right then. He liked the idea and things started to progress. At the end of April, Germana Monte-Mór, with her photographic equipment, and I spent the day with him in Olinda, in that magnificent 17th Century house next to St Benedict’s Monastery, from where, looking out from the studio terrace, one can see yards with mango and breadfruit trees and, just over there, the sea. The refurbishment of this house, says Celida, was designed by Samico himself and, “just see”, he calls us over “as we see his woodcuttings in these passages”, showing windows and eaves inside the house. It is a privilege and a joy for Roberto and I to show Gilvan Samico. This is another step in our history, in the still short history of the Estação Art Gallery.

Vilma Eid

Galeria Estação