24/08/2012 | EYE4DESIGN | 24 August 2012 – In the spotlight: Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva and Jardins

The city that never sleeps is now even more excited with the weekend of the Design Weekend, an event that is divided among 160 interventions throughout São Paulo, with a series of launches, lectures, exhibitions and other inspirations. This is a feeling that we are starting to enter the tracks of the major design boom, placing the capital city in the international spotlight, a constituent (and relevant) part of the agenda on a global scale, considering the profusion of foreign designers who have been invited over for the season. E4D has looked through the best items on the programme and here mentions the highlights of the region around Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva and the Jardins district. Take the guide into your hands and follow the arrow! Source:

Galeria Estação