08/05/2012 | Impostor Blog | 8 May 2012 – The Samico Enigma

Owner of an extremely personal form of art, with mysterious contours, Gilvan Samico is the biggest Brazilian engraver alive. However, only now, at the age of 83, has the reserved man from Pernambuco been given a book on his unique life and work. We spent an afternoon with the great master in Olinda, near Recife, for Personnalité Magazine and this is the result. Samico lifts a hammer and asks for my smartphone: “Give me this burden, mate, give it to me please, I’ll put an end to your suffering”, he orders. At the same time, he emits a deep laugh: this was the n-th time that the equipment turned off on its own, interrupting our conversation as recorded thereon. Smart guy Samico does not even have an e-mail account, gates computers and only uses an old-style wire telephone. “I am archaic”, he says with pride. When the reporting team knocked on his door – a house 300 years old in Olinda, Pernambuco – he expected to find a hermit. It is reported that the engraver is very shy, does not like interviews, and hardly speaks even to his wife. This is almost all true, as the reader shall find out further on. However, maybe more relaxed through knowing photographer Lia Lumambo from a tender age, Samico opened out. Starting with the workshop in his backyard, where he planed and sanded the wood that he would use in his works – now brought together, for the first time in his 83 years of age and his career spanning threescore years, in the classy Samico edition (Bem-Te-Vi Press).[…] Source:

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