30/03/2012 | Hervé Chandès, Mr Cartier| Arte!Brasileiros Magazine, March and April 2012

Hervé Chandès, Mr Cartier, the powerful President of the Cartier Foundation of Paris, speaks on an exclusivity basis to ARTE!Brasileiros Magazine. Text and photographs by Leonor Amarante. The conversation between the Arte!Brasileiros Magazine and the director of the Cartier Foundation in Paris, Hervé Chandès, took place at the branch office of the institution in Miami, and started with a question that could not be avoided: When and why did an upmarket house like Cartier decide to link up with contemporary art? "We started in 1984, without any ties from the dogmas in effect in galleries or museums and, most of all, with the aim of being eclectic, without following any particular type of art” ... Please read the full report by clicking on the picture at the side

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