01/11/2007 | Raiz Magazine – Hidden treasure – the return of popular painting to the Biennial

Hidden treasure. The return of popular painting to the Biennial Exhibition. Many are the reasons which have detached popular culture, and particularly popular painting, from the “grand rooms” of our visual arts. Intellectuals, artists, curators and specialists now debate the issue. By Roberto Rugiero; photos by Dmitri Rugiero. The latest Biennial Exhibition in São Paulo has brought back into the limelight the contemporarity of popular expression, by presenting the work of acreano drawing specialist Hélio Melo, a former rubber tapper, chosen by curator Lisete Lagnado to rediscuss the concepts of centre and periphery. What was peripheral was transferred, amid much propriety, to the centre of the debate. Not everyone realised the subtleness of this proposal but it was a kick in the shins of those who do not even take one step without checking the weather forecast in New York. The other day I met the president of the Board of Directors of the Biennial Exhibition, businessman Julio Landmann, and praised him on the boldness of his proposal having heard the surprising opinion that: “this was the best part of the Biennial Exhibition”. Please click on the picture to read the full article.

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