06/01/2009 | The Party of the Imagination – Valor Newspaper

Hosts that choose Estação SP for their party or event are also endorsing Brazilian popular art. This location, in Pinheiros, was a former Antarctica beverage warehouse when it was bought by art collector Vilma Eid. She wanted to establish an art gallery in the city, at this location, but the spacious building with high ceiling had a potential for much more. “My son gave me the idea of also making a space for events”. Thus, five years ago, she opened the “party room” and shortly afterwards, on the upper level, the Estação Gallery. On the ground floor, there is a shop selling popular art and handicrafts. “As the property is facing the street, this is good because it attracts attention to the gallery”. An art collector for 30 years, Vilma now prospects pieces throughout Brazil. Her collection includes works by such artists as Maurício Gomes, José Antonio da Silva, Agostinho Batista de Freitas, and Izabel Mendes da Cunha, and many others. “My criterion is not commercial – I have an aesthetic eye." For March, Vilma is planning to have an exhibition of artist José Bezerra under the curatorship of Rodrigo Naves. Before that, she is dedicated to the participation of her gallery at ARCO, a traditional art fair in Madrid, in February. “I am going as a popular art gallery holder. In Brazil, I find it much more difficult to find space in similar events.” Even finding obstacles, Vilma believes that this style is being publicised. "Last year, the famous Antiquarius restaurant made an exhibition. I think that this was an important move." To help with the publicity and protection of popular art in Brazil, she founded the Institute of the Imagination of the Brazilian People, an organisation of which she is president.

Galeria Estação