04/09/2018 | Santídio Pereira

By Elisa Maia

"The look of memory” the second individual exhibition at Galeria Estação in São Paulo, of the visual artist from Piauí Santídio Pereira, curated by Luiza Duarte. The exhibition gathers large-scale printed woodcuts that the artist creates from the memories of his childhood in the backlands of Piauí. The overlap of layers, shapes and colors that make up each of the prints gradually reveals pictures of birds and plants characteristic of the landscape that Santídio inhabited until the age of eight.
At age 21 and living in São Paulo, the artist uses memory as a tool to reach this distant time. But if memory can not be understood as a transparent glass through which we can see a certain referent, but rather as a factor of opacity that expands, suppresses, transforms, deforms and edits the lived experience, it must be said that imagination is also crucial to his work.
Santídio says that when he left the backlands of Piauí to live with his mother and three brothers in São Paulo, he carried in his luggage a visual repertoire very different from what he would find in the metropolis. Living in the country, without water and without electricity, Santídio had never seen a car, nor an escalator or a toilet. "On the bus coming to São Paulo, I remember a boy telling us to count the VW Beatles they were passing by, but I did not even know what Beatles were." Perhaps that is why Santidio developed such a sensitive eye for the world, a slower and more creative look, contrary to the urban vision, anesthetized by the excessive visual load and the fast pace of the city. It is with this look that Santídio (re)creates elements of the universe that he left behind, translating poetically his childhood memories into beautiful images.

Galeria Estação