05/08/2013 | The geometry of colours in the works of Aurelino dos Santos | Época | SP

The Bahian artist shows 21 of his works at the Estação Art Gallery

The paintings with geometrical shapes and strong colours, the works of Salvador-born Aurelino dos Santos (born 1942), show an unusual way of looking at the city and also at the universe which is hidden among the gaps in the façades. His works stir up surprise with their unique forms and also the strictness of their contours, together with a certain “febrile animation of the surfaces”, in the words of curator Lorenzo Mammì.
Aurelino often creates the straight or curvaceous outlines of his works inspired by objects that he has collected in the street – slats of wood or can tops, for example. As clearly shown in the 21 works in the exhibition, the production of this artist mixes references that include Baroque, Concretism and also the Neoconcretist movement, and makes use of a series of resources, including spot colours, collages, pointillism and strong strokes of the paint brush. On Tuesday 6 August, at 8 p.m., curator Mammì and painter Fábio Miguez shall take part in a talk about Aurelino’s works.


Galeria Estação