24/06/2013 | Mapa das Artes | Estação Art Gallery – Aurelino Art Exhibition

Aurelino – Paintings. This is an exhibition of the works by Aurelino dos Santos (Salvador, BA / 1942), with the curatorship of Lorenzo Mammì, that brings together 21 works from 1988 to 2003. These are landscapes with singular geometry of planes, shapes and colours. According to the curator, his art does not arise directly from folklore, but from the city development in poor segments of the population, and is an expression of a modern and urban culture. In the paintings, the city is seen from a distance and is all compact, seen from without. Near the upper rim, there is normally a wavy line which can either be the appearance of hills as also, when on a sketch, the sea front. Below this limit, figures huddle closer: façades, squares, streets, gardens, ships, churches, the Lacerda lift for which Salvador is famous. Sometimes even words and numbers, messages or pictures cut out from newspapers. Aurelino also uses as reference models miscellaneous objects that he finds in the street: bits of wood, for example, or can lids. The colours are normally acid and stand out: purple, lemon green, sky blue, ochre, pink and orange (from 25 June 2013 at 7 p.m. to 31 August 2013). Directed by gallery owner Vilma Eid, this work includes an important collection of popular art with 2.8 thousand items, including paintings, sculptures and engravings. These are works by José Antonio da Silva, Nuca de Tracunhaém, Nino, Jadir, Ranchinho, Agostinho Batista de Freitas, G.T.O., Louco, Samico, Maria Auxiliadora, Agnaldo dos Santos, Artur Pereira, Alcides Pereira dos Santos, Dona Izabel and others. The gallery houses an exhibition with wood sculptures by Véio (Cícero Alves da Silva) and also an exhibition of the collection with paintings, sculptures in wood, wood cuttings and ceramic of the artists Antonio Poteiro, José Bezerra, Conceição dos Bugres, Artur Pereira, Samico, Fabricio Lopez and others (July and August 2013). The gallery is participating in the 20th Art Show at the A Hebraica club (between 12 and 18 August 2013).

Galeria Estação