23/04/2013 | Arte!Brasileiros | 22 April 2013 – The sculptor of the void

22 April 2013 - 12:02 Sculptor of the Void. Exhibition in São Paulo commemorates the work of Zé do Chalé. Last week, at the Estação Art Gallery, the exhibition “Zé do Chalé: the Sculptor of the Void” was opened. Under the curatorship of Cauê Alves, the exhibition shows 25 wooden sculptures, or “trophies”, as the Sergipan artist, who died aged 105 in 2008, called them. The works establish a panorama of the instigating production of Zé do Chalé – much of which is shown in miniatures of churches and chapels, and also symbols such as crosses, stars, birds and hearts. In the opinion of curator Cauê Alves, a specialist in contemporary art, the fact that this deals with an artist who is normally regarded as a representative of popular culture is reductionism, as the borders between the erudite and the popular are getting more and more hazy. “Zé do Chalé can also be understood as being a contemporary artist, in the time sense of the term, and also due to his style of action, breaking all ties with tradition”, Alves defends. A self-learner, Zé do Chalé used to say that his creations were divine responsibilities, as God had given him the skill to do sculpture and, therefore, the images that he produced had no prior drawings, as “everything” was in his mind. “His religiousness brought in it a syncretism of traditions and symbols, from Roman Catholicism and also from Native Brazilian creeds, in an incredible mix between the sacred and the profane”, says the curator. For collector Vilma Eid, the founder of the Estação Art Gallery, the unexpected meeting between the universe of the sergipano artist and an apparently disagreeing curatorship represents progress towards the breakage of paradigm. “The admiration that Cauê Alves has had for the works of Zé do Chalé was immediate, and with the invitation for him to be the curator we continued our permanent movement towards acceptance of the fact that art has no frontiers.” ARTE!Brasileiros was at the opening of this exhibition, which shall be shown until 30 May. Zé do Chalé: Sculptor of the Void. Estação Gallery, Rua Ferreira Araújo, 625 – Pinheiros – São Paulo. Mondays to Fridays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Source:

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