11/11/2012 | Ilustríssima Folha de S. Paulo | 11 November 2012 – Beer, India ink, china, ceramic and another 6 cultural recommendations

11/11/2012 08h00 in São Paulo. EXHIBITION | A GIFT-WRAPPED WORLD. How can painter Júlio Martins da Silva (1893-1978) be virtually unknown? This is the question asked by gallery owner Vilma Eid, in the text for the exhibition. With a vast curriculum, Martins da Silva is one of the most important names of Brazilian popular art, with work on show at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Biennial Exhibition in Venice. The exhibition presents 19 works of the Estação Art Gallery. Curatorship of Paulo Pasta. Runs from 14 November to 19 December. | Admittance free. Source:

Galeria Estação