23/10/2012 | FigaroScope | 09/05/2012 - Fondation Cartier - En attendant l'île Seguin

The next exhibition organized by Fondatiom Cartier << Histoires de Voir, Show and Tell >>, is symptomatic of eclectic choices within this medium. For a few months, 400 works of primitive art, made ??by 50 self-taught artists, occupy the spaces filled with color, from across the world, these paintings tell naífes, among others, the Fondation is open to all art forms, even most unknown, and she is able to put all kinds of theme even more iconoclastic. Until last March 18, we had seen a "brainstorming" artistic among mathematicians and renowned artists like Daivd Lynch, Raymond Deparon or Alberola.
Recently, there were rumors that the Fondation joined Seguin Island in Boulogne Billancourt blooming. Alain-Dominique Perrin has agreed prince asking Jean Nouvel an architectural design, but do not have anything right, everything is open.

Galeria Estação