01/10/2012 | Veja São Paulo | 3 October 2012 – The same, but different | By Jonas Lopes

Veja São Paulo, 3 October 2012, Jonas Lopes | Exhibitions – The same, but different. In the Seven Mistakes Game, paintings by the naïve artist Ranchinho were redone by painter Rodrigo Andrade. Assessment ***. From the end of the 19th Century to the present day, there has been no shortage of important creators who have had a close relationship with what has been called popular art. Paul Gauguin, for example, spent several years in Tahiti, to coexist with the natives and also paint in a “wild and primitive state”, as he himself puts it. The most famous case is that of Pablo Picasso, who was influenced by African masks to carry out his masterpiece “The Young Ladies of Avignon”. In an even more direct manner, this dialogue can be seen in the excellent exhibition The Seven Mistakes Game, on show at the Estação Gallery. In this exhibition, the paulista naïve artist Ranchinho (1923 – 2003), born in the small country town of Oscar Bressane, has had his pictures reworked by São Paulo artist Rodrigo Andrade, a former member of the Casa-7 group, which came into the limelight in the 1980s. The son of farm workers, Ranchinho, who was mentally challenged, could not stay long in any employment. So, he learnt how to draw and, after a few years, attracted attention from collectors, through his surprising notions of composition and perspective. In the exhibition, ten works of each artist are put side by side. The contemporary artist says that he has imitated rather than re-interpreted – in fact, when seen from afar, the works seem very similar, different from the delirious recreations that Picasso did for the classic “The Maids of Honour”, by Velázquez. On getting closer, however, the spectator can observe the thick coats of paint that are characteristic of Andrade’s recent black paintings, as shown in the Biennial Exhibition of 2010. In these areas where the material is very thick, we can see talks about abstraction, in no way disguised.

Galeria Estação