14/09/2012 | Catraca Livre | 14 September 2012 – Tony Bellotto discusses art at the Estação Art Gallery

Tony Bellotto discusses art at the Estação Art Gallery. Editorial Section on 14 September 2012. Musician and writer Tony Bellotto shall next Monday (17th), at 8 p.m., participate in a conversation with artist Rodrigo Andrade about the exhibition called “The Seven Mistakes Game”, in honour of artist Ranchinho, now on show at the Estação Art Gallery. Admittance is free. Bellotto also signs one of the texts in the catalogue of this exhibition, that shall also be launched at the time. The musician spent his first years in Assis, in the countryside of São Paulo State, and the same city from where Ranchinho hails, and while there nurtured great admiration for the painter, even recording a Super-8 film about the artist. At the exhibition “The Seven Mistakes Game”, on show until 31 October at the Estação Art Gallery, artist Rodrigo Andrade presented his re-readings of the works by Sebastião Theodoro Paulino da Silva (1923- 2003), better known as Ranchinho. The result of this “pictophagy” is a set of 10 unreleased works of the contemporary artist, shown alongside the paintings of the painter from root culture. Admittance is free. Different from Picasso, who changed concepts and also formed a new artistic school on depicting Manet’s famous “Lunch on the Grass”, Andrade has used the technique of appropriation, a contemporary linguistic process, and also sought perfection in his re-readings of the popular master. Hence the name of the exhibition. The artist photographed the works and then projected the pictures onto white screens, replicating each and every stroke. The difference between the versions is very small and subtle. From afar, they seem to be the same, with the same hues present in the drawings and with the differences only appearing when looking from close range. Musician Tony Bellotto, who hails from Assis, the same city from whence Ranchinho also came, has already shot a Super-8 film about the artist, and also signs a text for the catalogue of the exhibition. Source:

Galeria Estação