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Opening: from March 20 - 7 pm - to May 18, 2019

Curated by Thais Rivitti, this exhibition is a rare opportunity to see a large number of works by Chico Tabibuia, whose celebrated production by non-erudite hands, was one of the pioneers to inhabit the scene of contemporary art attracted by critics such as Frederico Morais, Maria Alice Milliet and Emmanoel Araujo.
The artist was born in Aldeia Velha, in the municipality of Silva Jardim, but was registered in Casemiro de Abreu, also in Rio de Janeiro, The sculptures of Francisco Moraes da Silva (1936-2007) surprise by the strength of their representations. They are often configurations of archetypal images, which fuse the masculine and the feminine, whose phallic patterns, especially in the Exus , imprint the explicit presence of Eros. The subject of the entity had the origin with the artist attending an Umbanda site from the age13 to 17. However, it was from 1986, already as a member of the Assembly of God, that he would represent this entity in its several faces and with great frequency.
Tabibuia finds the exus, sacis, black old woman and animals in the nature, trunks and tree roots. From solid wood, without fittings, with rare additions, his imaginary beings are born.. According to Rivitti, what the artist does is less to invent them but to find them, a way to come to life analogous to a medium, in a session of umbanda, when he receives an Exu. "Unlike the modern sculptor, Tabibuia reveals what already inhabits his matter, the formal limits of his works are given a priori.
The curator points out that Tabibuia’s sculptures call attention to eroticism and at the same time allude to the sacred. "It is not only the phallus of the images which points vectorially forward or downward, but the monolithic and upright sculptures as a whole have the same rigidity as the erect limb. Add to that the certainty that we are facing objects of worship. There was something in the presence of these works that, even inside the white cube of the gallery, suggested a religious context, "writes Rivitti.
In addressing the work of the artist, the curator points out that the challenge of the work of Tabibuia and other artists in this current moment of the art world, that seems to want to dissolve borders, is of great proportions. "It is necessary to refuse watertight categories and include what has already been seen as" folk art “ at contemporary art museum exhibitions. But to do so, one must rethink how the works of Tabibuia operate (and how they may be) within museums and galleries. It is also necessary to reinstate the importance - for those who are going to live with his work - to approach African and indigenous matrix thinking, because all of this is at stake and relevant to their understanding of the world. There is much to be done, but this initiation has been given a start” she concludes.

Exhibition: Chico Tabibuia
Opening: March 20, at 7:00 pm
Visitation until May 18, 2019
From Monday to Friday, from 11am to 7pm, Saturdays from 11am to 3pm - free admission.

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