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Lilian Camelli - Long and Living Times
Opening: October 3 at 7:00 PM (Wednesday) - November 1, 2018

Parallel to the 33rd São Paulo Biennial, Galeria Estação presents Lilian Camelli's first exhibition in its space and the fourth individual in the artist's career. Paraguaia born and living in São Paulo since 1983, Lilian Camelli is a figurative painter who started the craft as an adult, around 2011. Starting with photographs or memorabilia, she develops paintings that mainly refer to the female universe, portraits of her family and the affective memories. The approximately 50 paintings collected were selected by Vera Novis, a writer and art critic, who signs her first curation at Galeria Estação.
In her text for the exhibition, Novis argues how figuration is restricted basically to photography and popular art, while abstractionism dominates contemporary Brazilian painting. The curator establishes a counterpoint between the popular art and the production of Lilian Camelli, emphasizing the figuration itself as a point of convergence. "Unlike popular art, where the sense of movement is from the inside to the outside and the artist looks outside of himself reproducing what he sees around in the setting that includes man and nature, Lilian's painting is subjective, introspective, geared towards herself". Nevertheless the painter and teacher Paulo Pasta, who closely follows the work of his student Lilian, states: "I like the expression and maintenance of subjectivity in her work. That is a very difficult terrain today. “
Repetition, according to Novis, is another feature of Camelli's work. Certain objects or environments are present in various works, as if the memory fails to the point of interrupting the creation of a certain scene. It is in these cases that, according to the curator, "The artist then resorts to repetition as an attempt to circumvent this prohibition. And the rooms are repeated to exhaustion. Repetition itself is not a negative trait in language style. It is enough to remember the recurrent marine of Pancetti, or the recurrent flags of Volpi, or, still, the recurring mountains with white churches of Guignard. The obsessive repetition in Lilian is the affirmation of her quest, the non-acceptance of the limits imposed by the interdiction. Then, here and there, with all semantic charge, mirrors that duplicate the elements of the scene or bring to the scene elements that were outside of it. Also appear the corridors that let only glimpse, very veiled, other spaces, suggesting an infinite unfolding. The presence of the multiplier mirrors and the corridors that unfold accentuate the gesture that reveals the desire to go beyond, to the core”, she adds.

About Lilian Camelli
She has been living in São Paulo since 1983. Her work consists of figurative painting, whose themes deal with the feminine, the memories of her childhood and her native land. It works from photography and from memory. Among her exhibitions are the international ones: I Biennial of Paraguay (Asunción, 2015) 2 Biennial of Paraguay 2017 and the Biennial of Arts of Brasilia ADA ART GALLERY, in Barcelona (Spain, 2012), SEARCHES in Asunción, 2014) and the individual at the Morumbi Farm House (São Paulo, 2013). She is currently part of the Pigmento da Casa Contemporânea group.

Exhibition: Lilian Camelli - Long and Living Times
Opening: October 3rd at 7:00 p.m.
Visitation until November 1, 2018
From Monday to Friday, from 11am to 7pm, Saturdays from 11am to 3pm - free admission.

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