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Lilian Camelli

Lilian is one of those artists of heart and soul.
Paraguayan by birth, she uses the nostalgia of her roots for the themes of her painting.
Her work deals with lived images and spaces once inhabited. It’s like someday we’d all been in those places.
A hardworking person, one day she told me that her dream was to exhibit at the Galeria Estação. The reason why? “My painting is on the wrong side, as is the gallery,” she said. I laughed a lot!
She may be right. Only purity could allow such a statement.
Vera Novis, writer, curator and an expert on Antonio Bandeira (among others), was our choice for curatorship, which she signs for the first time for Galeria Estação.
Here is a brief history of this show, which I’m sure will amaze you.
Enjoy it!

Vilma Eid