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Galeria Estação
Leda Catunda and Alcides: where we are and where we are going
Opening: June 14, at 7pm
Visitation until Aug 14, 2018
Besides critics, Galeria Estação has been inviting artists to curate the exhibitions of its collection, such as Paulo Pasta (José Antonio da Silva and Julio Martins da Silva) and Rodrigo Bivar (Neves Torres and Manuel Graciano). This time, the gallery has invited Leda Catunda and has proposed a new model: the artist-curator chooses a cast name from the gallery to dialogue with her own production. In this context “Leda Catunda and Alcides: where we are and where we go”, shows around 30 works of this double of artists.
As Leda points out, Alcides (1932, Rui Barbosa - BA / 2007, São Paulo - SP) sought to represent his time and place. The artist watched the development of the automobile industry, the launching of rockets, as the remarkable journey of man to the moon, and the mysteries that surrounded the Cold War submarines. When he lived in the state of Mato Grosso he created images of houses, squares, gardens, plantations and animals. When moving to São Paulo in the 90’s, his original geometry painting began to portray models of cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, factories and urban landscapes.
For the curator artist, just as Alcides’s poetics seems to revolve around the desire for an organized world, compartmentalized into categories, she nurtures a special affection for the organization of things in life. “I seek to represent the things of life in my work, choosing archetypal images such as the road, the mountain, the house and the pond, besides waterfalls and animals, as symbols of the times in which we live, based on the same mythology of progress and a supposed comfort that should result from the effort to reasonably order the existence.”
Leda also shares Alcides’ fascination with vehicles, as she belongs to a generation charmed by cars, a feeling stimulated by the races and heroes of the Formula1. According to the artist, it was from there that she developed a special taste for the racing circuit drawings and their sophisticated and colorful ground paintings that serve as signage. Thinking of Alcides’ vehicles, Leda designed for this exhibition “Track I” and “Track 2”, object paintings cut out of wood with paved roads for cars, motorcycles and trucks and with rivers and lakes for boats, ferries and submarines.
“Roads, vehicles, and travel suggest a metaphorical suggestion of change. Moving from one point to another, moving from one situation to another. So we can think that Alcides, who was a bricklayer, wall painter, barber and cobbler, reached through his art a new place. Synthesizing dream and desire in the images he produced, he changed his world in his own way,” adds Leda.

About Galeria Estação
With a collection among the pioneers and most important of the country, Galeria Estação, opened at the end of 2004 devoted to reveal and promote the production of non erudite Brazilian art. This performance was decisive for the inclusion of this language in the contemporary artistic circuit, when editing publications and holding individual and collective exhibitions under the watch of the main curators and critics of the country. The cast, which has come to occupy space in the specialized media, is still winning the international scene, by participating, among others, in the exhibitions “Histoire de Voir” at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain (France) in 2012 and Bienal “Between Two Mares - São Paulo | Valencia,” in Spain in 2007. Emblematic of this international performance was the individual exhibition of Veio-Cícero Alves dos Santos, in Venice, in parallel to the Biennial of Arts, in 2013. In Brazil, in addition to solo exhibitions and integrating prestigious group shows, the artists featured by the gallery have their works in important Brazilian collections and leading institutions, such as: Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Afro Brazil Museum in São Paulo, Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras in São Paulo, MAM- Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and the MAR in Rio de Janeiro.

Leda Catunda and Alcides: where we are and where we are going.
Opening: June 14 at 7pm
Visitation until Aug 14, 2018
From Monday to Friday, from 11am to 7pm, Saturdays from 11am to 3pm – free admission.
Galeria EStação
Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 625 – Pinheiros – SP
Phone: 55 11.3813-7253
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