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Leda Catunda and Alcides
Galeria Estação has already successfully partnered with other galleries and some of its contemporary artists.
This time we joined Fortes, D’Aloia & Gabriel gallery for a dialogue between the artist Leda Catunda and the late painter Alcides. The choice was made by Leda herself, who, when visiting us, and among several artists, made her choice.
Leda, an artist committed to the contemporary world, also has a language that I can recognize as close to that of the so-called popular artists. She makes use of the colors, the elements she has at hand, with seriousness and good humor. I did not know very well what would appear in this dialogue, but I did trust. When she invited me to go to her studio to see the works, I rejoiced! I entered and saw, immediately, the interaction between them. Leda uses varied supports, as always happens in her work. Collage, drawing, engraving.
Alcides, who I knew well, used acrylic on canvas. We spent a lot of time together from 1999 on, when he left Mato Grosso to join his daughter in São Paulo. Here, stranger in a strange land, he spent some time painting still on Mato Grosso state. But I felt that the memory betrayed him and he was a little indecisive between the theme of there and the one of his new city. He gradually reasserted himself and began to paint what, perhaps, had impressed him the most in the big city. Airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, boats, on and of returning to the subject of Mato Grosso pastures.
Alcides passed away in 2007, three days after the opening of his first individual at Galeria Estação, leaving a vibrant and consistent work.
The meeting of these two creators, therefore, could only result in this beautiful show.
I’m very excited!
Vilma Eid