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This is another achievement of Cícero Alves dos Santos, Véio. From Nossa Senhora da Glória to Paris, Venice, London, and now to Rio de Janeiro.
Sensitive man, he realized his gift quite early in life. He was aware that he was an artist, and when I met him, he knew very well that what he wanted was recognition. He got it, and that's not an easy thing to achieve. Always a sculptor, his work has gained space in the art market among collectors and institutions, such as Pinacoteca de São Paulo and Cartier Foundation in Paris. In Rio de Janeiro he is part in the collections of MAM and MAR. His name and work are known and acknowledged.
The happy association of Galeria Estação with Gustavo Rebello Galeria de Arte brought us here. Gustavo, a dear friend and admirer of Véio, has become an important partner so that the “Wonderful City” also became the stage and headquarter of this individual.
And the fact that Ronaldo Brito accepted with joy the invitation to the curatorship crowned this project. His generous and precise text is yet another step towards understanding the contemporary work of Véio. It needs to be read and assimilated because, among many attributes, it has the merit of contributing to ending false borders in art.

Have fun.
Vilma Eid