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José Bezerra | Sculptures

José Bezerra

From the Catimbau Valley, in Buique, in the arid backlands of Pernambuco, the sculptures by José Bezerra travel with me to Madrid, in Spain.

Our story started when I saw a photograph of his farm, a place where he works and lives with his family.

Immediately I felt a need to meet him and also get to know the place. The pictures showed a man with a special gourd vase (cuia) as a hat, a checked jacket with wooden buttons, and some sewn “ropes” as ornaments. From the buttons to the ropes, everything was made by Mr Bezerra himself, as I later found out. He was sitting down in front of a rammed earth house, with encrusted stones that formed pictures. Beside, a large plot of land, a true open-air museum, full of trunks and branches converted into sculptures.

The impact that all this has had on me has been enormous!

I had made up my mind, and even though my Pernambucan friends had warned me about the distance, the difficult access, and also the rainy season that made this location almost inaccessible, I hired a taxi and left.

I shall always remember our first meeting. After this occasion, only 2 years ago, I had been to Catimbau on several other occasions and, on every visit, the diversity and the number of sculptures was impressive.

The photograph I saw was absolutely truthful. A magical place! A unique man! An extraordinary artist!

I was so impressed, so captivated, that showing his work in São Paulo, at Art Madrid and wherever else was possible, became yet another mission  for the Institute of the Imagination of the Brazilian People (IIPB).

The entry of Rodrigo Naves, is enthusiasm at Bezerra’s work and the acceptance of his invitation to the curator of the exhibition gave the project the dimension it was lacking.

The result is there for all to see. Simple, direct, valuable, important, just like sculptor José Bezerra.

Make the most of this opportunity! 

Vilma Eid