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Lina Bo Bardi: tupí or not tupí. Brasil, 1946-1992 | from 05/10/2018 to 13/01/2019

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?This exhibition is the first to be held in Spain on the fascinating figure of Lina Bo Bardi (Rome, 1914 - São Paulo, 1992). Trained as an architect in Italy in the 1930s, she moved to Brazil in 1946 with her husband, the critic and art collector Pietro Maria BardiBo Bardi was soon captivated by her adopted country and through her multi-faceted, dynamic approach – as an architect, museographer, designer, writer, cultural activist and creator of exhibitions – she participated in the renewal of the arts in Brazil, working at the very heart of the complex relations between modernity and tradition, avant-garde creation and popular customs, the individuality of the modern artist and the collective work of the community.The exhibition is conceived as the continuation of the one that the Fundación Juan March devoted to Tarsila do Amaral (2009), which focused on Brazil in the 1920s and 1930s. Lina Bo Bardi shared Tarsila do Amaral's social concerns and strove to find solutions to them, moving onto action through the architecture, objects and collective acts which articulate her work.The aim of Lina Bo Bardi: tupí or not tupí. Brazil, 1946-1992 is to present this artist from the three most important geographical points of her activity (São Paolo, Salvador de Bahía and north-east Brazil) and through her work and that of some of her contemporaries to "recount" the artistic and cultural scene in Brazil in the second half of the 20th century.

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