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Casa Cor 2010 – Space for the New Age of Ugo, Raul and Maria Di Pace | from 25/05/2010 to 13/07/2010

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The 24th edition of the Casa Cor São Paulo starts on 25 May and continues until 13 July 2010. Under the general theme of “Your home, your life, more sustainable and happy”, another three events take place at the same time: Casa Hotel, Casa Kids and Casa Talento.

There are over 105 different environments distributed around an area of 56 thousand m², at the São Paulo Jockey Club, and this edition shall bring a record number of participating companies. Just look at some of the highlights of this year’s Casa Cor: Space for the New Age by Ugo, Raul and Maria Andraus Di Pace; Sustainable Loft, by Fernanda Marquesa; Lookout House, by Débora Aguiar; Living, by Jóia Bergamo; Cellar, by João Armentano; Concept Garage, by Léo Shehtman; The Cuisine of Claude Troisgros, by Cynthia Pimentel; Home Office, by Rosa May Sampaio; Artist’s Loft, by Francisco Cálio; Family Garden, by Roberto Riscala; and Suite of the Loving Couple, by Sueli Ardoni.

At the Casa Hotel event, it shall be possible to see solutions for the hotel and tourism segments, where the major attractions are the suites of celebrities in special environments inspired by Brazilian personalities such as Ana Maria Braga, Adriane Galisteu, Daniela Mercury, Raí, Antonio Augusto “Gugu” Liberato and Alessandra Ambrósio; at Casa Kids, there shall be games, films and educational attractions aimed at fun for the children in environments such as the Girl’s Suite, the Boy’s Room, Twins’ Room and others; and at the Casa Talento, aimed at professional people who can show their work in areas such as design and art, including furniture, sculptures, utensils etc.

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