Camargo [Edson Benedito Leite Camargo]

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I was about to finish an art lecture I had been invited to give at APAP (Professional Association of Plastic Artists) when due to the interest shown by the audience, I opened the floor for Q&A. Several artists, among the many present asked diverse questions seeking to clarify points I made and confirm their understanding.
Suddenly, a simple and humble character carrying a shopping bag appeared out of the audience. It was obvious that this person was trying to present himself as a subtly, cool artist. He proceeded to request my opinion of his art work that he insisted on showing.
This is how I met Camargo, the painter whom we formally present to you today. It is made possible thanks to the generosity and foresight of Vilma Eid, a friend of mine for many years.
Almost immediately after this first meeting, Camargo’s work “shows up" at my house, and also in an important gallery which until today I maintain a close connection. The works include screen prints, drawings and objects in quantity but without any hereto known artistic style.
Self-taught, the painter had already received awards and honorable mentions in art exhibitions, but he did not know how to proceed in his career with such a diverse portfolio of work. I therefore recommended that he select a single stylistic path while maintaining his best quality: the mastery of color. In addition, i requested that he learn as much as possible about the art market, its history, the masters of the past, as well as the great artists of the present, reading profusely and not forgetting to attend the quality exhibitions that continue to come to São Paulo! To my satisfaction, this has been the case. The good results are already evident in his current body of work.
Finally, to Camargo’s good fortune, his work was seen by the magnificent painter Paulo Pasta. who welcomed him as a student agreeing to continue his art education.
Raul de Souza Dantas Forbes

Mr Raul Forbes text to the artist's exhibit at the gallery in 2019


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