Santidio Pereira

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Santidio Pereira
1996, Curral Comprido - PI

Santidio Pereira was born in Curral Comprido, near the city of Isaísas Coelho, in the state of Piauí on October 23, 1996. As a child, his mother moved to the city of São Paulo, marking the memories of his early childhood alongside his great-grandfather.
At the age of eight, Santidio also moves to the city of São Paulo thus resuming maternal contact. Both lived in the neighborhood of CEAGESP, the largest public market in Latin America, where later Santidio would devote himself to professional activities.
At the age of 8, he began attending Instituto Acaia, a social non-profit organization that welcomes and offers socio-educational activities to children, adolescents and their families. Through Acaia studio, Santidio performs artistic activities, especially in the drawing and woodcutting workshops under the guidance of the wood engraver Fabrício Lopez.
Interested in expanding his knowledge about the universe of art, he begins to attend the free classes of art history taught by the critic and art curator Rodrigo Naves, who is enchanted by the work of the young engraver and later curates his first individual exhibition at Galeria Estação in 2016.


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