Conceição dos Bugres

Conceição dos Bugres

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Conceição dos Bugres
[Conceição Freitas da Silva]
1914, Povinho de Santiago - RS / 1984, Campo Grande - MS

Conceição Freitas da Silva was Born in Rio Grande do Sul, and in 1957 moved to Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul State, where she spent the rest of her life. Her sober synthetic art spread from there to be known in the large cultural centers of the country. Working on the land, married to artist Abilio Antunes, mother of two children, semi-literate, even the heavy daily chores – cutting logs, planting, cooking – did not prevent her from creating one of the strongest portraits of Brazilian popular sculpture: bugres, or roughly hewn figures. She carved the first from a manioc stump then moved on to wood. A dream revealed to her the yellow wax technique, which she would use to add the finishing touches to her figures. Considered by critic Aline Figueiredo (1979) to be one of the top sculptors in Mato Grosso, her work with brutalist symbols shows a constant study of shape, as if the brute were the icon of the constant quest of her and our own identity.

Little Dictionary of the Brazilian People’s Art – 20th Century, by anthropologist and poet Lélia Coelho Frota


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