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[Gilvan José de Meira Lins Samico]
1928, Recife - Pe + 25 de novembro 2013, Olinda - PE

An important cultural personality of Pernambuco, Gilvan Samico combines in his works, of a rare balance, the Iberian tradition with the popular artistry of the Brazilian northeast: the xylographs.
By the end of the 40s, he attended classes at the Ateliê da Sociedade de Arte Moderna do Recife, where he was guided by the sculptor Abelardo da Hora. Later, in 1957, he studied xylographs with Livio Abramo, at the Escola de Artesanato do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.
In the following year He moved to Rio de Janeiro and studied engraving with Oswaldo Goeldi, at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes. He returned to Pernambuco, in 1965, settling in Olinda, where he lives and works up to now.
Gilvan Samico was one of the important members of Movimento Armorial, created by the writer Ariano Susassuna to valorize a northeastern culture of Iberian reference. In 1997 he had a commemorative exhibition at the Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, at Rio de Janeiro.
To the art critic Frederico Moraes, Gilvan Samico “researches extensively each one of his subjects and the correspondent symbols. He studied exhaustively the compartmentalization of space and its rapport with the narrative cadence. He sketches, makes rough draughts with pencil or ink, searching for the right colour, to be contrasted with the plain black and with the white material, which works as light or space. He exercises with the gouge chisel all sort of cuts up to find the ideal ‘texture’ for that subject, and the ‘right tonality’. Time runs slowly in the affective land of the artist”.

Catalog - POP BRASIL: popular Art and the popular in Art | CCBB – Gama, 2002


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