Felix Farfan

Felix Farfan
Letícias Dancers
Taxider Mist
The Prophet Jeremiah
Seren Dipty
Anatomy Lesson
The Blue Tulum
Poster of college
Missi Pyle Deep Roy
St. George of Cappadocia

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Félix Farfan
(born in Acre, 1960).

One of the first new discoveries, back in the 1980s, of new artistic talent in Pernambuco, he is in fact a citizen of the world, with a pure North-eastern soul. Born in 1960, in Acre, he started his studies in Brasília with the cearense artist Siroba. It was in Pernambuco that he laid the foundations of his promising trade. In the 1980s, living in Recife, he started to do work in painting, drawing and metal engraving, since he graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). In Olinda, he studied with João Câmara, Liliane Dardot, Delano and José Carlos Viana. The alliance with João Câmara got stronger during the eight years in which he worked at the atelier of this artist. After drinking from so many sources, Farfan then embarked on a solo flight. He was part of important collective exhibitions throughout Brazil and risked individual exhibitions in Brasília, Recife, Olinda and São Paulo. Recognition accompanies him as his work matured. His most recent works were shown at the Biennial Exhibition in Valencia, in 2007, at the Art Fair of Lisbon in 2008, and at the Art Madrid in 2008 and 2009.


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