José Coimbra

José Coimbra
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José Coimbra

José Coimbra [José Coimbra Sobrinho] (born 1916, São Sebastião do Paraíso MG, died 1986, Mococa SP). Born and raised in the countryside, the mineiro José Coimbra Sobrinho passed away in Ribeirão Preto in 1986. He worked at a school in the city of Mococa, State of São Paulo. When the lessons ended, he would practice drawing by painting large scenes in chalk, on the blackboard. He is an expressionist whose work is aimed at the person, his work, the fight for life and the social difficulties faced by poor people. "(...) An important and surprising colourist, this caipira relative of the “fauves” would already deserve, through this characteristic, a prominent place in an important review of our painting. However Coimbra goes much further. He is able to capture a mystic Brazilianness, rural and classical, which, in my opinion, is one of the highest moments of national expressionist painting over the last few decades. (...)” Roberto Rugiero.
Source: Galeria Brasiliana

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