João Pilarski

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João Pilarski
1929, Guaragi - PR / 2004, Ponta Grossa - PR

João Pilarski’s family moved to Ponta Grossa in 1937 with the intention to give the children a suitable education. But João end up suffering of poliomyelitis and he was not able to finished his elementary school, being confined to his bed from 12 years old on, able to move only his arms.
After his father’s death, he received a small pension which was complemented by some pieces he would make by order, particularly funerary ornaments. From the 70s he started dedicating entirely to his artistic career, showing his works for the first time at the XXIII Salão de Artes Plásticas para Novos, in Ponta Grossa. In 1979 he did his first individual exhibition, at the Centro de Criatividade da Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa. His work is a result of a detailed movement he does with the end on brush, reviving memories of rural landscape: houses, backyards, and habits of the local people.

Catalog - POP BRASIL: popular Art and the popular in Art | CCBB – Gama, 2002

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